#BEST NEW KIDS BOOKS 2018 Guardian pick

Based on a local legend, it is a prizewinning story of myths, maps, talking dogs and summer adventures in the big city

Jacob Bird lives in Riga with his father. Jacob loves maps like his dad, and is fascinated by the legend which warns that no one must say `Riga is ready' or the river will flood the town, tall ships will sail down the main street, and the city will have to start all over again. One day Jacob mutters the fateful words. But all that happens is he is sent to live for the summer with his grumpy cousin Mimi and Uncle Eagle, because his dad is too busy to look after him.
But strange things are afoot in the run-down Maskatchaka district of Riga, where Jacob now has to live. Evil Skylar Scraper's scheme to transform it into a concrete jungle is being fought tooth and paw by the stray dogs, lead by their fierce commander Boss, his mate Bianca and their twin puppies. Jacob is astonished when Boss starts to talk to him, but hurt when Mimi doesn't want him to join their fight against Skylar. Then Bianca goes missing and Jacob's maps may be the only thing that can bring her home and save the talking dogs of Maskatchka.

Published in English by Firefly Press


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In Latvian: